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    The Silent Crisis: Satellite Data Reveals Global Decline in Lake Water Storage

    Lake Water Storage

    A recent study has unveiled a disturbing truth — the world’s large lakes and reservoirs are steadily losing their water. Satellite data, climate models, and hydrological models have all pointed to the same conclusion — 53% of these water bodies have been experiencing significant shrinkage since 1992. This isn’t a localized issue; it’s a worldwide crisis, affecting […] More

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    5 Ways To Help Your Dog Live Longer And Healthier Life

    Dogs Live Longer And Healthier Life

    Something that all dog owners might have in common is the feeling that we don’t have enough time with our pets. Most dog breeds have an average life span of ten to fourteen years, and while some may live longer, others may have tendencies to various diseases that limit their life expectancy. At the same time, […] More

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    5 Things To Consider Before Giving Your Pet Supplements

    Pet Supplements

    With the progress of medical problems and pets’ ageing, there is growing interest in pet supplements as a dietary accompaniment or with the expectation that they will boost the immunity of our pets.  Why do pets need supplements? Pets are predominantly fed the same food day after day continuously or even for their entire lives. […] More