Dogs Live Longer And Healthier Life

5 Ways To Help Your Dog Live Longer And Healthier Life

Something that all dog owners might have in common is the feeling that we don’t have enough time with our pets. Most dog breeds have an average life span of ten to fourteen years, and while some may live longer, others may have tendencies to various diseases that limit their life expectancy. At the same time, life expectancy in people is at least five times higher.

Many people are unaware that humans and dogs share many genetic similarities, including a predisposition for age-related cancer. This means that many of the things humans can do to live longer and healthier lives may also be beneficial to dogs.

So there are many things you can do to help your dog live a longer and healthier life. The life expectancy of a dog depends largely on the owner.

The dog cannot make the right decisions for his health. Your choice is her choice. These simple tips will help you make your dog’s life longer, happier and healthier.

1. Watch your dog’s weight

One of the factors associated with the longevity of a dog’s life is maintaining a healthy body weight. More than half of pet dogs are overweight or obese.

One reason is the carbohydrate-rich dry dog ​​food we give them. This food simply does not meet the needs of maintaining a healthy weight for the average dog. The other is food from the table. When you give your dog a piece of cake or one potato chip, it doesn’t sound like much, but all those extra calories, fats, and sugars build up over time and add those extra pounds.

In fact, the dog should not eat what you eat. Healthy snacks or pet supplements in small amounts are perfectly acceptable, but you must control your pet’s daily portion size and the amount of calories he receives daily.

Each breed of dog will have a different parameter for “good” nutrition, but make sure to look for foods that provide all the nutrients to your dog needs is key.

2. Take him out for a walk very often

Your dog loves to play! Some breeds require more exercise and play time than others.

Physical activity is of great physiological and psychological importance for dogs. It can help control a dog’s body weight and also has anti-aging effects. He needs to run, play and ultimately exercise, which is necessary for him to go outside a lot every day.

Also, consider taking walks with other dogs, which will be helpful for your dog’s socialization and give him enough time to play.

3. Teach him new tricks

Keeping your pet’s mind active will also help them have a better birthday — because aging is not only a physical process.

Work with your dog and teach him new skills, give him a challenging toy, train your dog’s sense of smell, teach him to do small chores around the house like fetching things or collecting his toys.

bond between caregiver and dog

4. Maintain a stable bond between you and dog

A stable bond between the caregiver and their pet can help maintain a happy and mutually beneficial relationship.

The connection between an owner and a dog provides, among other things, friendly communication. A good relationship between you and your dog can also help you recognize subtle changes in your dog’s behavior or movements that could signal potential health hazards.

Also, greater affection between the owner and the dog benefits both — it relieves stress and improves mood. Sharing positive vibes and playing with your dog will strengthen your bond.

5. Don’t skip visits to the vet

Modern veterinary medicine has made significant advances in the prevention and treatment of diseases in dogs. So, regular check-ups at the vet are essential to identify any possible problem at a treatable stage.

Talk to veterinarian if you have any concerns

Finally, our pet’s longevity is determined by a combination of genetics and the environment in which they live. Although we cannot change their genetics, we can consider all of these outside factors to help your dog live longer and healthier lives.

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