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According To Studies, Hearing Aids Reduce Risk Of Dementia By 19%

Scientists from the National University of Singapore conducted a study and found that hearing aids help reduce the risk of dementia. 

Participants who wore hearing aids were found to be 19% less likely to show evidence of cognitive decline. Furthermore, using these gadgets resulted in a 3% improvement in cognitive test results, which included a person’s ability to solve problems.

The new study, published in JAMA Neurology, is a systematic review and meta-analysis (a statistical analysis that combines the results of several scientific studies) of 31 recent studies looking at hearing aid use in association with cognitive decline.

Risk Of Dementia

According to scientists, hearing aids make sounds louder and restore lost neural connections. However, they emphasize that final conclusions can only be drawn after additional experiments.

Dr Susan Mitchell, head of research at Alzheimer’s Research in the UK, said, “There’s increasingly clear evidence that people who lose their hearing as they get older are at increased risk of developing dementia. This study provides further compelling evidence of this link, but unanswered questions remain.”

According to some studies, the global incidence of dementia is anticipated to quadruple by 2050 — to roughly 150 million cases, resulting in up to $50 billion in economic losses by 2030.

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