Hywind Tampen Floating Wind Farm

Hywind Tampen: World’s Largest Floating Wind Farm Opens Off Norway’s Coast

The winds of change are blowing off the coast of Norway, where the world’s largest floating wind farm, Hywind Tampen, has officially opened its doors. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway marked the occasion, celebrating a renewable energy milestone that has been years in the making.

Situated approximately 140 kilometres from the Norwegian coast, Hywind Tampen is a marvel of modern engineering. Unlike traditional wind turbines fixed to the seabed, these floating giants can be installed in greater water depths. With 11 turbines floating in depths ranging from 260 to 300 meters, this wind farm began producing power in November 2022 and reached full operational status this month.

Power of Hywind Tampen Floating Wind Farm

Hywind Tampen’s system capacity stands at an impressive 88 MW, expected to cover about 35% of the annual electricity needs for five platforms, including Snorre A and B and Gullfaks A, B, and C. What sets this project apart is its dual role in powering operations at oil and gas fields, aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the process. According to Equinor, this wind farm is expected to save a staggering 200,000 tons of carbon emissions. 

Equinor, a significant player in the fossil fuel industry, has described the turbines at Hywind Tampen as being “mounted on floating concrete structures with a common anchoring system.” Partners in this groundbreaking project include Vår Energi, INPEX Idemitsu, Petoro, Wintershall Dea, and OMV.

This isn’t Equinor’s first foray into the floating wind sector. In 2017, they began operations at Hywind Scotland, a five-turbine, 30 MW facility hailed as the planet’s first floating wind farm. “With Hywind Tampen, we have shown that we can plan, build and commission a large, floating offshore wind farm in the North Sea,” said Equinor’s Siri Kindem, who leads the firm’s renewables business in Norway.

As the world grapples with the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures, projects like Hywind Tampen offer a glimpse into the future of renewable energy.

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