Best Funny Anime Series

10 Best Funny Anime Series Of All Time To Watch In 2023

Laughter is undoubtedly one of the best medicines, and what better way to brighten up our day than with a good funny anime?

Here is a list of the best funny anime that can make you laugh so hard that tears will come out of your eyes. Since these are funny anime, it’s a binge-watch material — you won’t get tired after watching it once; you will watch it again and again.

The list provided is based on my personal preference, and it’s not ranked. Of course, there are many more funny anime, but I tried my best to create the best for you to watch.

Best Funny Anime Series:

1. Gintama

Gintama anime is based on the manga of the same name, authored by Hideaki Sorachi. The story is set in an alternate Earth where aliens called Amantos have invaded and are now ruling Japan. Carrying weapons is forbidden, so the samurais are forbidden from carrying their swords. Gintoki Sakata still believes in the ancient samurai ways and wields a sword. He runs a business where he takes odd jobs that often result in the capture of criminals.

I know when listening to this plot, it does not seem very interesting, but I tell you that first you have to give it a chance, and then you will be immersed in its history as it happened to me. When talking about comedy anime, it can be said that Gintama is one of the animes with which you will fall out laughing.

2. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.’ (‘Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan’) is undoubtedly one of the funniest comedy anime ever made, and the secret to its success lies in the over-the-top exaggeration of its entire cast of characters and the ridiculous situations they end up in.

The anime revolves around the protagonist Saiki Kusuo who is endowed with supernatural psychic abilities. Saiki has powers beyond imagination, but all he wants is to live a quiet, uncomplicated life, even though he has a knack for attracting people who are out of the ordinary. This funny anime with a unique concept shows how Saiki deals with situations in his everyday life that are always amusing to watch.

3. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase is one of the best comedy anime series. You won’t regret watching it as it’s a good story with lots of funny scenes.

There are three main characters — Olivia, a blonde girl who was born and raised in Japan but portrayed herself as a foreigner at the beginning with an English accent who can’t speak English at all who also has a new hairstyle in each new episode, Hanako, a girl with pigtails who is 2nd in class great in sports and from a rich family but with a mentality of a poor girl who is always in search of ways to live as a popular girl and that’s why she gets close to Olivia, and Kasumi, a short-cut glasses girl who can’t speak English at all while having a serious and intellectual atmosphere as she scores very less in her English exams, she is in search of help that’s why she tries to get close to Olivia to learn some English from the foreigner. And three junior high school girls made the “Pastimers Club”, where each and every episode turns out to be so funny that might laugh so hard that you won’t be able to catch your breath. It is one of the funniest anime with the kind of unexpected comedy element taking you out with a surprise.

4. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri is an action-packed sci-fi funny anime series that is an absolute treat. Yoshifumi Nitta is a member of the Japanese yakuza crime syndicate and enjoys a playboy lifestyle of heavy drinking, girls, and gunfights. That is until a mysterious oval object literally falls on his head. Hina, an expressionless girl, was inside that object. Hina threatens Nitta with her powerful Psychokinesis and decides to settle in the Nitta family. Thus, the dangerous communal life of the yakuza and the psychic girl has begun.

Anyone who wants to laugh and feel good should watch this funny anime series, even if they are not anime fans. But I think this comedy anime is pretty good and has the scope to reach much broader audiences.

5. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is not only a top-notch comedy anime series but also a great romantic anime.

The story revolves around the school’s student council, where the main protagonists, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, are respectively the president and vice president, who love each other but won’t accept it. They think the person who confesses first loses and will be dominated by another person forever, so they try to get the other person to confess their feelings first. These antics often lead to hilarious situations that will make you laugh out loud.

6. Grand Blue

Grand Blue is one of the best funny anime series that exist; although there are many who say that it did not live up to its manga, the truth is that it is a very surprising comedy anime.

Our protagonist, Iori Kitahara, decided to stay at his uncle’s diving shop to spend his college days. There he is surrounded by members of the alcoholic diving club. His high expectation for youth campus life was destroyed. He becomes a member of the club before he realises it. But he soon establishes a bad name for himself in front of his cousin, Chisa Kotegawa, while hanging out with the odd club members.

Full of eccentric characters and cheap comedy, Grand Blue will try to show the idyllic life of the typical college student who doesn’t have his priorities in order.

7. KonoSuba

It is a classic isekai (anime in which the protagonist is transferred to a world similar to a video game), but with overtones of absurd comedy.

The main protagonist, Kazuma Satou, dies in a road accident, that’s what he believes, but he actually dies from getting scared by looking at the fast truck that almost hits him. However, when he wakes up, Aqua, a beautiful girl who calls herself a goddess, gives him two choices — go straight to heaven, or be reincarnated into a fantasy world, a world he only thought of in his dreams.

Kazuma decides to choose the latter and finds himself in a new world with new adventures, hoping to make the most of this second chance he’s been given. But things don’t exactly go as they normally do, as this show breaks all the tropes and destroys all the clichés to bring you one of the hilarious anime ever!

8. Cautious Hero

The goddess Lista who is in charge of the salvation of the world, succeeded again in summoning a hero, but it’s different this time; unlike previous times, a completely different hero is summoned, who has cheat-class status, also he is impossibly cautious — that’s our protagonist Seiya.

He is very cautious of each and everything — he always keeps three armours. One for wearing. One as spare. And a spare when you run out of spares. That’s crazy, right? Well, now you know the level of his cautiousness. He always keeps securing stock of everything to an abnormal level, also did muscle training in his room until he reached level MAX.

His cautiousness and the opponents and the people around him who are too shocked by his cautiousness will make you laugh a lot.

9. Zombie Land Saga

Sakura Minamoto dreams of becoming an idol. Sadly, the harsh reality rams her like a truck, and she dies a sudden death in a traffic accident. After 10 years, she finally wakes up (even though she is dead) in Saga Prefecture. That’s when she found out that she has become a zombie having no memory of her past life.

While accepting her demise and facing reality, she meets a man named Koutarou, who tells her that he has brought her and six other zombie girls back to life from different timelines for the purpose of economically revitalizing Saga by creating an idol group. Koutarou plays the role of an aggressive manager, he begins scheduling many events, and the zombie girls go along with it, naming their idol group, Franchouchou.

A surprising comedic anime in the idol genre, Zombie Land Saga, tells the story of the idol group Franchouchou’s warm struggle to save Saga Prefecture while hiding their crazy zombie identities while rediscovering their own past lives.

10. Sakamoto Desu Ga

Also, known as ‘Didn’t you hear? I am Sakamoto’ is a funny anime about the life revolving around the main protagonist Sakamoto.

From the first day of school as a freshman, Sakamoto will be the centre of attention, as everything he does is considered the best in the school. Because of his style, his way of studying, eating or even cleaning, he is the most popular of all the students.

People who are jealous of his excellence try to create situations and events to humiliate him, but none of them ever work. Instead, his ability to dodge such scenarios makes him a badass character. While watching this anime, you will discover so many hilarious scenes that will make you laugh for a long time.

Well, there you have it, a list of what we think are the best funny anime series. Ten animes that are worth watching and spending hours laughing about. Also, check out our list of the most heartbreaking sad anime you should watch.

Did we miss any? What is your favourite comedy anime? Let us know in the comments section!


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