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Rimac Nevera Achieves A Top Speed Of 412 km/h, The Fastest Among Electric Vehicles

Croatian electric car manufacturer Rimac has announced that its Nevera hypercar has set the fastest speed record for an electric car on the market at 412 km/h.

The previous highest speed record was 216 mph (about 348 km), achieved by Tesla Model S in June 2022, but now it has broken in less than half a year.

The team achieved the feat on the 4 km straight at Germany’s Automotive Testing Papenburg track. However, it should be noted that this top speed is only achieved with the help and tuning of the Rimac team, and the standard Nevara delivered to customers is limited to a top speed of 352 km/h.

Still, under controlled conditions and with the support of the Rimac team, top speeds of 412 km/h can be achieved in special customer events, so most of the precautions go into making sure the tires are set up properly for high-speed driving.

The Nevera is currently being produced at Rimac’s headquarters outside Zagreb, Croatia, and the first cars are already in customers’ hands worldwide.

Top speed was measured using Racelogic’s V-Box, which uses GPS for high-precision measurement. According to Rimac, a maximum speed of 412 km/h was the goal when the concept car “C_Two” was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Three years later, the C_Two (now Nevera) became an electric hypercar built for unimaginable top speeds. Rimac engineers spent three years improving the battery pack’s liquid cooling system, allowing the vehicle’s peak power to be used longer before drivers become frustrated with the battery.

Despite its 2,150 kg weight, the Nevera has torque vectoring on all four wheels. In addition, a new all-wheel torque vectoring system that combines electronic stabilization control and traction control has been developed. The software can compute more than 100 times a second and adjust the torque to achieve the desired driving style.

Brakes are also important in a car like this. Rimac designed the Nevera to dynamically balance the friction braking force on the wheels and regenerative braking from the electric motor.

The Nevera has four electric motors, producing 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm of torque. The battery capacity is 120 kWh. The cruising range is 547 km. The performance is 1.85 seconds from 0-96 km/h, and the unofficial quarter mile time is 8.58 seconds. The chassis rigidity is three times that of a Le Mans race car and has excellent aerodynamic performance, so it should be more than just a straight-line leader.


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